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We have the following programs available. Make sales on Surfers you send in or make sales on the Webmasters you refer to this program.

Program 1:
Add/Promote 2LipsLive.com and you receive 25% on All the 1on1 private show sales for the lifetime of the Customer. Whenever the Customer comes back and spends on the site, you will make sales.
Program 2:
When a Customer upgrades from a Free Member to a 2Lips Gold Member. You can make extra sales, beside the 1on1 private show sales. You will receive 50% on all the recurring sales, if your Surfer becomes a 2Lips Gold Member.
Program 3:
Let other Webmasters know about this program! For every Webmaster you refer to this program, You make 10% on what they get!

*Program 1 and 2 are combined together. Whenever you Add/Promote 2LipsLive.com you will get paid for All sales. One time sales and Recurring sales.

*If you can make a lot of sales with quality or high volumes of traffic, contact us.

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