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Can we add the 2LipsLive.com Live sex cams for free to our sites ?
Yes you can add the Live Webcams for free to your sites.

Can we make any money by adding the Live Webcams to our sites ?
Yes you will make money when adding the Live Webcams to your sites. Whenever your customer spends on a 1on1 Private Session, you will make sales. Also when a customer upgrades to be a 2Lips Gold Member you will get paid extra.

What is a 2Lips Gold Member ?
Your Customers/Surfers can Always access the 2LipsLive.com site for free. They can live sex chat and watch models online for Free. They can create there own Chatname for Free and be a 2LipsLive Customer and go to 1on1 Private Sessions. But they can also upgrade to a 2LipsLive Gold Member. When they upgrade to a 2Lips Gold Member, they pay a small monthly recurring fee. This will give them extra priviliges and access to more content. Which regular customers do not have access to. Unless they upgrade to a 2lips Gold Member.

So your saying I can make double money ?
Yes, exactly. You make money on the 1on1 Private Sessions. Plus you make money when ever a Customers upgrades to a 2Lips Gold Member.

How much costs an upgrade to a 2Lips Gold Member ?
$29,95 per month, recurring. (See: program 2)

How much does it costs to go into a 1on1 Private Session ?
Between $1.99 to $5.99 per minute. (See: program 1)

How can I promote 2LipsLive.com ?
You can use text links, banners, free content, hosted galleries and special promotion tools. Which are available to you in the Webmasters area. Everything is hosted on our servers.

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